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Checking out our bar appeal

Posted by Andy Woodfield on

Today we have been checking out our Lilliput Dorset Gin 'bar appeal' its like curb appeal for selling a house, but with this you get a drink at the end, far more satisfiing. We've placed our gin alongside our gin heroes Daffy's Gin, Silent Pool Gin and of course our Dorset neighbours the fabulous Conker Gin, we'd have placed Pothecary Gin our amazing award winning Dorset neighbour alongside too but we didn't have a bottle at the time - we'll need to fix that.

So we just wanted to know if our bottle stood out, if you were in a bar would you spot Lilliput Dorset Gin, that was the test. With our big 'L' we hope we've made it easy for you. What do you think?

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