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Swift Resurrection by David Smith

Posted by Andy Woodfield on

Lilliput Dorset Gin consists of four main botanicals that complement the requisite Juniper; namely Olives, Basil, Thyme and Rosemary. These four distinctive ingredients give the gin a unique umami mouthfeel that allows you to experiment with it more so than some other gins out there.

It makes a great Dirty Martini with a splash of olive brine added, while the recommended Gin and Tonic serve is a mix of Lilliput and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water.  The Gin was inspired by the Dorset summertime coast so I knew I had to create a cocktail to reflect this. Although the Gin holds up well against fruit and citrus, I decided to up the measure to ensure the various botanicals shone through.

Swift Resurrection

At first glance you will be forgiven to the think this cocktail could be sickly sweet, however, you will find from the first taste that you will want to savour it. Take your time and enjoy. Named after Jonathan Swift who wrote Gulliver’s Travels where the fictional kingdom of Lilliput is set. Here's how to make it:

  • 60ml Lilliput Dorset Gin 
  • 35ml Briottet Creme de Peche (Peach) 
  • 25ml Orange Juice 
  • 25ml Passion Fruit & Mango Syrup 
  • 10ml Honey & Black Pepper 
  • 35ml Lemon Juice 
  • 3 Sprigs of Basil

Shake the above ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice for around 10 seconds until sufficiently chilled then strain into a large Brandy Glass. Finish by adding crushed ice and garnish with basil, rosemary and a dehydrated lemon.


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