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Dorset Negroni by Alex West

Posted by Andy Woodfield on

Keeping things local with one of my all time favourite cocktails, the Negroni! The Negroni is arguably the "Marmite" of the cocktail world, with the Campari element being an acquired taste that's not quite for everyone. With its strong, dry and bitter taste, it's easy to see why many don't take to this drink.

Luckily with the Negroni, there are endless variations, some of which my may be far more palatable to whomever is drinking it. I believe this is a variation that everyone can get onboard with, using Lilliput Dorset Gin with one of my long standing favourite local Brands, Conker; and their phenomenal Cold Brew Coffee liqueur!

  • 25ml Lilliput Dorset Gin
  • 25ml Conker Cold Brew Coffee
  • 25ml Campari
  • 1 Dash Orange Bitters


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