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Athena by Gemma Terry

Posted by Andy Woodfield on

So, about me... Gemma Terry, bar manager at Ojo Rojo, the south coast home of Mezcal. We predominantly use mezcal and related products in our listed cocktails but of course we are always happy to make the classics and create bespoke drinks for different tastes. Its always fun to be given a little project, and theres nothing more pleasurable than creating something that brings other people enjoyment.

My Lilliput cocktail is based around its stand out Mediterranean ingredients, using flavours that I feel compliment and accentuate the gin. Most of the inspiration was from the more unusual botanical; fermented Kalamata Olives, sourced from Greece and a key aspect to Lilliput gins overall taste profile. I've kept it simple by following a classic sours ratio, allowing each ingredient to shine within this fresh aromatic drink - ' Long live summer' Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and the creator of the olive tree, 'Athena'

  • 50ml Lilliput Gin

  • 25ml Fresh lime juice

  • 1 bar spoon local Dorset runny honey

  • 10ml Basil infused extra virgin Greek olive oil

  • 8 dashes of Angostura orange bitters

  • 1 Fresh egg white

  • Shake and fine strain into glass over ice sphere

  • Garnish with fresh basil leaf and bee pollen


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